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Save Every Month Not just first Month. Savings Built Right-in.

NoCode Platform
one product at a time.

Work with integrated Tools from our platform. Our First product is Sheets API. Integrating Google Sheets to other services.

Less work, more deliverables.

Create Sheets

Work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects and daily platform tasks.

Collaborate with team

Teams will be built-in without spending on any enterprise version. (in-progress)

World-Class Standards

You can trust us to built upon Industry standards and best practices. Without ever writing a code.

Easy to learn and extremely powerful.

Innerkore platform is easy for non-coders to create experiences that coders will be jealous of and customers will love.

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Work with any team

One of the Innerkore goal is to remove Enterprise pricing structure that is there for milkiing money from mid to large scale companies. 

Information at a glance

Work management platform teams use to stay to focused on the goals projects and daily tasks.

  • Get your team up and running.
  • Integrate the apps your team.
  • No matter where you are it stays in sync.

We are new and We want your testimonials here

Sheets API is our first product and we want to get real feedback from real people. Not the fake that we added below.

“Sheets API is awesome but I want more integrations.

- Robert Bruse

“Forms and Tables are awesome. Showing data to customers and getting feedback directly into Google Sheet is what I liked most.

- Sarah Smith

“Facebook Leads to Google Sheet is awesome.

- John William